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Art and Crew Charles Sarland

Art and Crew

Charles Sarland

Published May 13th 2014
ISBN : 9781497471092
136 pages
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 About the Book 

ART & CREW A mystery thriller for kids! Blood spurts when Art smashes the childrens home bully on the nose, blood that will start a chain of events that even Art hadnt predicted. In the meantime theres a show to be put on for the other kids, and it needs to be a rude as possible! But when someone goes missing things start to get serious. Will Art and his mates be able to find them and to rescue them from the villains? Will he survive his encounter with the racing blade of a vicious saw or will it shred him to pieces Find out by reading ART & CREW. Its the book they wouldnt publish! Adults will hate it, kids will love it! Its exciting! Its suspenseful! Its hilarious! Its sexy! Its extremely rude! Readers comment: Its got everything!