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Deceived Lexie Davis


Lexie Davis

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What happens when the innocent is proven guilty?Matthew Vaughns life sucks. After being wrongfully convicted of something he didnt do, he is sent to prison, forcing his lover and partner to believe he deceived him. Now, two years later, he escapes and heads to the one person that can help him, the only person he wants to convince of his true innocence - Shayne Lewis.Shayne is a detective for the NYPD working in the narcotics department. After the incident with Matt, his former partner and lover, all he wants to do is forget and move on with his life. But when Matt comes to him for help, forcibly taking him hostage in his own vacation house, Shayne is faced with a dilemma.Will he uphold the law and turn Matt in? Or will he listen to his heart and help his lover clear his name?