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Walkers Rules Joannie Kay

Walkers Rules

Joannie Kay

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Walker always has room on his ranch to set starving boys on the straight and narrow with a good education and food in their bellies. Most of them are thieves that got sent to his place by court order, which is the case for little Jessie Bridges, who is foul-mouthed and hard-to-handle when he takes him to the ranch to give him the court-prescribed whipping and a good home… Even if Jessie can’t see it.Walker is flabbergasted when he realizes during the struggle to strap the small boy that Jessie Bridges isn’t a boy… she’s a young woman! One who desperately needs a spanking, in fact, and he’s obliged to give her more than one… Especially since she seems out to kill him!Jessie, who dressed like a boy to keep from getting molested in her travels, practically feel everything she’d hoped for came to naught when she escaped Snake and landed in the care of Walker Ames… The first man who dared spank her. Fortunately, the younger brother she was looking for is also under Walker’s care, but still the man won’t let her go home! Even after the Judge learns her real identity, instead of letting her take her brother home, he marries her to Walker, who has taken privileges by spanking her, instead of being sent to a woman’s prison because of her theft.They agree to have a ‘truth’ for a year while her term gets carried out, but they have no attention of acting like a couple… Unless they can stop fighting for two seconds, which doesn’t seem likely… And will they end up actually trying to give this marriage ago?And even if they do, will Walker be able to tame his wife, or will she end up in life-threatening danger because of her stubbornness?